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It's not just email anymore.

Online Tutoring Models:

Asynchronous - 24/7

Synchronous - same time

21 Best Practices

Sandra Miller, Atlantic Cape Community College

Recommendations of Online Tutors


from Penny Turrentine, Pima Community College,
NADE Digest. (Fall 2006)

  • Transparency. Do not use the computer screen as a mask. Instead make it a window. - Micheal Coward, Tutor, Pima Community College
  • Positive Regard.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Keep the light on.

3 Roles for the online tutor

Online Tutoring Program
  • Needs assessment requires student input.
  • Need to create a need and a community.
  • For your college and open to the world?

5 Online Poison Pills

  • Build it and they will come.
  • Control it to death.
  • Forget it.
  • Make it too complicated.
  • Take it too personally.

Online Tutorials

Consider making online audio visual tutorials for things such as graphic calculators. Here is one in Breeze, by Ken Anderson, Math teacher at Chemeketa CC. Title: Graphically Finding Vertex of a Parabola.

Or provide 1 minute tutorials at Atomic Learning

Tutoring Software Resources

Fun and Tutor Training What job would you have in the Middle Ages?



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Marketing Your Program
  • Want a fancy picture slide show for your web site?
  • Don't want to have to code in Flash?
  • Want an easy way to add pictures, clip art and mp3 music the easy way?
  • See an example at the howtostudy site.

Try PhotoShow4 at http://www.simplestar.com

Cost to purchase and change your life: $49.99


Lucy Tribble MacDonald