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Learning Support Center in Higher Education
- a database of resources from articles to learning center links to how to find grants.
- content by Frank Christ; site by Rick Sheets.



Criteria for Learning Support Center Web Sites

This is the rubric for the NCLCA/LSCHE Web Award.

Features Matrix
A planning document to help web the portions of the online course together. This includes a list of items that you might want to include in your online classes.

Reading Matrix A working document that shows how a features matrix can be used. This planning document shows the integration process for the first week of an online reading class.

How to study portal

Includes study skills, how to study in the discipline areas and how to write in the academic disciplines. Lucy maintains this site.

Free Math utility software used by faculty for math web pages.

TI-84 audio tutorial at Atomic Learning

Online Study Skills

1st online study skills class in the nation. Archived for research purposes. This is Lucy's online study skills class that includes the concept of "field trips."

Sharing Audio

Camtasia - is an easy way to provide one way audio. Here is Lucy's welcome to her online class in Education.

Free Camtasia tutorials at: http://masteringcamtasia.com

Ask Judy Hubbleuses of Captiva for audio.See and hear her directions on using her new wiki. Click on the logo of WetPaint on Judy's home page.

Sharing Video Online

Slideshow of Yachats, Oregon by Jim Blodget, Media Specialist at Chemeketa CC. This uses VMIX.


Maybe you want to try HELLODEO for sharing video. Check Jim Blodget's test of this to see how it works. Scroll down the blog to Hellodeo! That is , if you can skip all the other neat things that Jim is doing.!!

Blogs and Wikis

See Jim's experimental blog using edublogs.org

Check out his latest findings on wikis..

Last year's Tider, Julie Hutchin, created a wiki on Online Teaching and Learning for the CRLA Tech and Distance Learning SIG. Sign up to join and contribute to this adventure.

Lucy's wiki on building study skills modules.includes possibilities of audio and video using web cams.

    Lucy's favorite Cartoon Site. This is the cartoon of the day and has a collection of cartoons for educators. Set this as your home page in the browser and you will always begin the day with a smile.


Online Writing Labs

Grammar Guide Best online guide for grammar with interactive fun quizzes for ESL students and others.

Reading Portal A one stop shop for finding out online materials and software for reading, created and designed by JoAnn Yaworksi at West Chester Univeristy in Pennsylvania.

Putting Applause on Paper


Ask where Lucy's mentoring group is getting all those cute pins and paper clips.


Inspirational notes

Ask where Lucy's group is getting the inspiration "calling cards." , the voodoo fish, the snap out of it rubber bands!


Flash for Dummies

You want to make Flash fiiles for your website, but you don't have time to learn how to program Flash. No problem. Here is a inexpensive little program that has all the animations and music included. Just add your content. I've had 5 graders creating work here. The program is called PhotoShow 4 Deluxe $49.99 from


Podcasts Create your own the easy way with podomatic.
Essential Research Tool ENDNOTES - builds the citations and bibliography for you. Plug ins available for Word.