TIDE 2005

Best Practices of Online Classes


  • Lucy Student Stories
    " What's a word processor?"
    "It comes through the air."
    Faculty Readiness Assessment
    Is Online Teaching for Me?
Pedagogy before Technology

Yes. I can print my name upside down, but does it make sense to do that? Ergo, pedagogy before technology!


Pedagogical models

  • Student Centered Learning
  • Group Centered Learning
  • Online Supplemental/ dependent courses
The Big Picture - what are the components of an online class?

A Sense of Place

    • Environment
    • Community

Frank Christ's and the Jesuit's term for explanation,
as distinct from lecture. Frank uses prelections to assist students to read course material.

Lucy uses 2 techniques:

  • Field Trips - links to handouts from colleges around the world to further explain the concepts of a Study Skills class.


Developing questions for reading assignments using Bloom's taxonomy

Note: this was designed as a taxonomy, not a hierachy.

Goldilocks version

Graphics and Sound bytes and now Video

Lucy's Welcome in the Intro to Education class - complete with sound byte

Frank uses a picture of him at the lecturn talking directly to the class. Very powerful!

WebCam presentation by the Math teacher showing other faculty how it is done!

Outside Experts

Frank uses Visiting Scholars, who for a week will reply to student questions. Lucy was a visiting scholar in Frank's class, when she was in Australia!

Lucy uses the author of the textbook for the study skills class and study skills tutors from other colleges, especially Universities. For the Trio students who are preparing to transfer from the community college to the university, tutors from the university are very validating. This does not mean that they tutor the community college students, only that they are guests presenters.

Giving Feedback on assignments

It may seem rudimentary, but each paper turned in needs to be acknowledged, just so the student knows that it has been received. "Your project has just arrived and I'm excited to read your proposal on ..."

Let students know the timelines on feedback. Although many nowadays want instant feedback, if they know what the timelines are, they don't fret as much. Of course, Lucy says "first in, first out.!"
Make some assignments public for feedback from other students.

Developing Course assessments to improve subsequent courses


Sharing performance tips to appropriate assignments

Using Bonus Quick Reply questions

This ties in with Frank's real world simulations in his graduate school classes.

Suddenly the Dean needs the learning center stats on his desk tomorrow morning. Student needs to give a quick reply for the simulation that they are working on!

Lucy uses Bonus Points for the first one answering the discussion question for the week.

Making course material real
  • through group assignments - students adopt a college learning center
  • through case studies - study skills stories

Teacher Resources