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About Lucy
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About Lucyonline

Learning and technology – a powerful combination! At lucyonline learning is the focus; technology is the tool. Contact us now to keep up with the ever changing technology including teaching online at your college, school district or classroom--we'll help you wit the planning and training -- new ventures, new opportunities, new possibilities. We'll even stay with you as your personal online coaching staff as long as you need us.

lucyonline is the classroom where faculty learn to enrich and support their teaching with technology - from teaching online to digital media to hybrid classes and web resources in the classroom. This training engages faculty right at their desktops where they learn about the latest uses of technology while experiencing the power of learning online.

Call it the infused technology model, where the use of technology is embedded in the learning, the technology is transparent, and the content is project based.

Stuck in the technology swamp? Learn what works. Jumpstart your group with some straight talk, vision, enthusiasm and energy. A lucyonline keynote address or inservice activity spotlights possibilities and gets people talking, thinking and doing! Then keep things moving and stay up-to-date with follow-up activities for both administrators and faculty with lucyonline.

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