Transitions: From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones

Keynote - Lucy MacDonald

DEAM 2010

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Q and A Resource follow up

My students love Grammar Girl podcasts, by Mignon Fogarty, who is a professional copy editor. I was surprised at this, since she has sophisticated level of vocabulary. But maybe it is the podcast part, because I overheard students' mimicking her showing off what they had learned about grammar. Who would have thought that grammar would be such a success?

She also has two books out:

  1. Grammar Girl - Quick and Dirty Tricks. This is a handy reference book.

  2. The Grammar Devotional, which is like a grammar tip a day.

You can also sign up for email grammar tips.

For a fun icebreaker and a way to introduce careers, try In only 8 questions you will know what your job might have been in the Middle Ages. And it gives you your career characteristics. Once one student starts this, then everyone wants to try theirs.

This was created by a Career Management company who trains outsource Fortune 500 personnel. Needless, to say they needed an ice breaker. This free survey has been taken by over 13 million people!


Math Resources

How to Study Math

Math Study Skills Survey

3 Math Web Quests:

When will I ever use this? (Pre Algebra)

Logarithms Lurking in the Shadows

Why on Earth Am I Taking Statistics?